2-5 February Jecc, Japur
Stand 21 — Hall B

Present in different countries of the world, the Prussiani Engineering lands in a new market, the Indian one.
For the first time it will participate in the Fair «India Stonemart 2017» to present its wide range of innovative machinery. Among the different models: TANGO, the bridge saw, with two heads, equipped with suction cups manipolator with patented «CUT & MOVE» system that allows the automatic movement of the pieces to be cut, reducing up to 30% material waste and halving, thanks to the two cutting heads, the processing times and WOW!, entry level machine, able to ensure the highest accuracy, the 100%  of the orthogonality and built with the traditional Prussiani’s quality.

During the event will be present at the stand:


Mr Mattia Patelli
Sales Area Manager for India — Prussiani Engineering
Phone: +39 342 8170296
E-mail: mattia@prussiani.com
Skype: mattia.prussiani


Mr Vinod Bathi
General Manager — Avino International
Phone: +919314132577
E-mail: avinoint@gmail.com

For more information about the fair: www.stonemart-india.com