The fundamental role of water in the stone processing

In the processing of marble, stone in general and ceramics the pressure of water, combined with the abrasive, plays a fundamental role and its use is very diversified.

The high-pressure waterjet combined with the abrasive is used for the cutting phases of any stone material, steel, aluminium, glass and ceramics. It offers many advantages, such as: it does not produce heating in processing material; the workpieces generally do not need to be fixed to the workbench; it reduces material waste and can cut any shape, even with very small radius.


The Waterjet technology

The waterjet technology is a cold cutting process that uses a high-pressure waterjet, normally about 3800 bar, combined with abrasive to erode marble, granite and any other material.

The system is equipped with:

  1. An hydraulic pump that compresses the water at very high pressure.
  2. A cutting head containing the diamond orifice with a diameter of 0,3 mm which generates water velocity.
  3. A nozzle with a cut-out diameter varying from 0,4 to 0,9 mm according to specific requirements
  4. An abrasive container with a metering device for the quantity of abrasive to be used depending on the material to be cut and the quality of the cut you want to obtain.
  5. Various high-quality steel pipes


Peculiarities of the Prussiani WATERJET

The first Prussian waterjet cutting machines were born in 1998. Initially called RIO, and later NEW RIO, they can be either three-axis or five-axis interpolated. They can be either single-headed or double-headed with variable centre distances. The solid bridge structure of the NEW RIO machines, with the stainless-steel tank separated from the structure itself, guarantee precise cuts even in the long term. The Prussiani CAD/CAM system, combined with the latest generation Numerical Control, allow the operator to work in a simple and safe way.


Below we list some of the main features of Prussiani WATERJET:

  • Precision in the perpendicularity of the cut – thanks to automatic compensation of the natural conicity of the water jet
  • Efficiency – impeccable cutting capacity thanks to automatic control of the thickness of the workpiece
  • A multitude of designs – ideal for both single pieces and series production, they allow straight and tilted cuts up to 45 degrees and more. They allow cuts of any shape for the creation of inlays.
  • Ease of use – thanks to Prussiani CAD/CAM, intuitive and easy to use.
  • Customization – possibility of adaptation to any particular customer requirement.

Prussiani offers technologically advanced solutions of WATERJET numerical control machines for cutting marble, granite, ceramics, glass, steel and any other material.


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