Over the years Prussiani has developed an innovative technology in the construction of machines for cutting granite and stone in general.

In order to improve the granite saws, the design team at Prussiani has developed an innovative technology based on the specific characteristics of granite.

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Characteristics of granite

Granite is a very hard stone. Technically it is an intrusive igneous stone that was generated by the cooling of magma that was originally located at a depth between 1.5 km and 50 km. It is a rock composed for a good percentage of quartz and other mineral elements that give each time different colours.

Its hardness makes granite a stone not easy to work. Over the centuries, in fact, the working of granite has brought many difficulties that during the time, with the development of granite cutting machines, have been significantly reduced.


The diamond disk of a granite cutting machine

The introduction of granite cutting machines was the first step in a continuous and constant technological evolution of the stone industry. The element that allows the machines to cut even the hardest materials easily is diamond.

Today the technology allows the cutting of granite with a diamond disk, a tool capable of ensuring a better finish in less time.

Let’s see what this is exactly.

The diamond blade of a granite saw is a tool consisting of a steel core and diamond segments. The core is designed and manufactured to support high speed rotation and considerable stress. The diamond segments, of multiple shapes and sizes, are the result of a process called sintering, which allows the diamond and metal powders to combine perfectly thanks to pressure and heat.


The advantages of cutting with a diamond blade of a granite bridge saw

Here are the advantages:

  • Quality and cutting speed
  • Increased granite removal by reducing cutting time and noise
  • Guarantee a clean, smudge-free cut, leaving edges and corners intact
  • Perfection in finishes


Construction of a bridge saw for cutting granite

The disk of a bridge saw for cutting granite is a diamond tool used for both cutting and shaping.

Due to its physical characteristics, granite is the ideal material for interior decoration and street furniture. In fact, in street furniture, kerbstones, fountains, columns and other products resistant to all weather conditions are made.


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