Marble and Granite Cutting Machine

The passion for marble and granite has led Prussiani to develop technologically advanced machines for processing natural stone. The great experience in the sector and the precision of the production processes guarantee reliability, speed and maximum customization of the products.


Sectors of interest in marble and granite processing

Prussiani is aimed at the marble and granite processing industry and in particular at those who deal with:

  • Funerary art
  • Urban planning: public building, architecture, restructuring
  • Construction: residential, architecture and design
  • Interior design: kitchens and kitchen tops, bathrooms, walls, floors, stairs, windowsills.


Realization of manufactures with Prussiani marble and granite machines.

The operators of the marble and granite sector are dedicated to the extraction and treatment of blocks, the production of slabs, the polishing and resining of marble. They are also involved in the production of “cut to size” and standard finished products, such as stone floors and furnishing elements such as marble kitchen tops, shower trays and marble sinks.

To these last, Prussiani dedicates his work of designing and manufacturing of machines for marble and granite.

The customization of Prussiani marble and granite machines is designed to meet all the customer’s needs and to fully satisfy the requirements of the various sectors.


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Prussian lathes: machines that produce marble and granite products

Among the machines for cutting and processing marble and granite are the Prussiani LATHES, which are able to work accurately and produce high quality products.

Managed by a numerical control interfaced with CAD/CAM systems, they are suitable for:

  • realize columns with circular, square, polygonal, oval and helical section;
  • produce balustrades, vases, complex capitals, statues and various design elements.

The DORICO model, with 3 interpolated axes, was the first lathe in the world designed to produce twisted columns.

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