CUT & JET & POLISHING | Discover the quality of Prussiani Engineering Numerical Control Machines

Today we are talking about the CUT & JET & POLISHING cnc machines, which are part of the family of numerically controlled machines created by Prussiani Engineering.

The great innovation and practicality lies in having combined the functionality of three machines in one unique model, the CUT & JET POLISHING allows to cut with the maximum speed – thanks to the diamond disc, and with high precision – thanks to the high pressure and abrasive water-jet, but not only: It can polish the edges as well!

This machine is the result of years of experience and deep understanding of customers’ needs.

This is how we got the patent for the CUT & MOVE system, mounted on our CUT & JET & POLISHING.

The innovative system was designed and patented by Mario Giorgio Prussiani in 2003 and allows you to automatically move and separate the strips of material on the workbench, without risk of cutting into the near pieces.

This cnc machine is ideal both for the production of one-off pieces, as well as for mass production, and allows drilling and other endless variations for cutting.