June 27-30, 2017 Pavilion 75, Hall A, Stand E06-F07

The Exhibition provides the influential meeting platform for companies from Russia and abroad that work in the field of natural stone and their clients — professionals in stone, tools, accessories, chemical products, machinery and services for the stone industry, decision makers in construction companies, architects, interior, exterior and landscape designers, restorers, specialists of funeral services etc.

Countries – leaders in the global stone industry (China, Egypt, India, Iran, Italy, Turkey, etc.) are every year present by national pavilions — all this testifies that Russia is recognized as one of the leading countries in stone extraction, processing and application as well as the important world economic sector.

Prussiani Engineering will be there with its own booth to present the latest new products.

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Mr Corrado Carrara Sales Manager – Prussiani Engineering S.p.A. Phone: +39 348 45 26 503 E-mail: corrado@prussiani.com


Mrs Irina Levkovskaia Sales Area Manager – Prussiani Engineering S.p.A. Phone: +39 338 48 50 256 E-mail: irina@prussiani.com

Mr Roman Petrov Prussiani Engineering S.p.A. Phone: +7 925 477 62 87 E-mail: roman.ru@prussiani.com

Location: 119 Mira avenue, VDNKH, Moscow, Russia For more information about the fair: http://en.stonefair.ru/