Waterjet cutting machines for marble and granite

2020-02-24T15:27:01+01:0024 September 2019|NEWS - FAIRS|

The high-pressure waterjet combined with the abrasive is used for the cutting phases of any stone material, steel, aluminium, glass and ceramics. It offers many advantages, such as: it does not produce heating in processing material; the workpieces generally do not need to be fixed to the workbench; it reduces material waste and can cut any shape, even with very small radius. [...]

The technology of Prussiani bridge saws for cutting granite

2020-02-18T10:34:58+01:0023 August 2019|NEWS - FAIRS|

Over the years Prussiani has developed an innovative technology in the construction of machines for cutting granite and stone in general. In order to improve the granite saws, the design team at Prussiani has developed an innovative technology based on the specific characteristics of granite.
Find out more and discover all the features of the Prussiani granite bridge saws! [...]


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