3 or 5 years warranty

For mechanical, electric and electronic components

During the warranty period, we commit ourselves to bear the following costs:

  • costs related to the replacement of any possible defective part, including shipping expenses;

  • costs related to travel expenses and working time of our Technicians.

After-sales service

Quick and efficient, after-sales support is guaranteed by a team of professional and friendly technicians


Online Customer Support
An online support system makes it possible for our Technicians to help Customers carry out control operations, remove any doubt and make sure appropriate solutions are available at any time.

CRM Software: Member Area and Ticketing System

Member Area
In the Member Area Customers can find all the technical documents concerning their machines.

Ticketing System
The Ticketing System simplifies and speeds up the opening of a “ticket” to request any assistance.
It tracks and saves your assistance history, as well as the files related to the closing of the ticket.